Hey Everyone!
Name: Jorel Spencer!
Bio: I am a hard worker, who thrives on working in a fast pace environment. I am an excellent team player and works well under pressure. I meet all deadlines and will go above and beyond for any client/company. With great organizational skills, I have a special eye for detail. I have a passion for photography, digital and black & white. I am patient and observant. I carry a positive attitude to every project I approach and will like to share with others. I have over 7 years of Graphic Design/Art Direction experience. I also have experience with branding and strategy along with social media content creation and layout design 
Interests: Huge Basketball Fan! I know everything there is and more about the game of basketball. Go ahead, Quiz Me!
Favorite Food: I love all food but I am on a quest to find the best cheeseburgers and chicken wings
24/7 Mood: Positivity and Optimism is what I live by. Things are going to happen in life and its how you deal with it that will determine the outcome.
Wanna know more about me? Send me a email! jorel.spencer@gmail.com
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